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YOHJI YAMAMOTO: TOP 10 JAPANESE DESIGNERS -Why is Yohji Yamamoto popular?-

Who is Yohji Yamamoto? You might have wondered. Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese fashion designer with an eponymous brand and many enthusiastic fans. Yohji Yamamoto gained worldwide attention, much like Comme des Garçons, with the collection known as "The Shock of Black" during the 1981 Paris collection.

In an era when colorful and glamorous fashion dominated, Yohji presented a collection of all-black, oversized, and intentionally distressed, which came to be known as "The Shock of Black." This collection was an expression of Yohji's rebellious spirit, a quality that would become inseparable from his brand YOHJI YAMAMOTO.




Yohji's masterpieces

Let's take a look at some of Yohji's iconic works.

1. 1981: The Shock of Black

1981 Yohji Yamamoto black dress
1981 the shock of black Yohji Yamamoto paris collection

Yohji yamamoto and models in all black clothing
Yamamoto Yohji's 1981 fashion show Photo: Mainichi / AFLO

2. 1996 Spring/Summer: Flower and Boys

Yohji yamamoto 1996 collection. The man model in flower shirt
1996 SS Flower and Boys

The man model waring Yohji's 1996 collection. Black shirt with red rose print
1996 SS Flower and Boys

3. 1995-96 Autumn/Winter: ROKUMEIKAN

Men models in Yohji's fashion collection in 1995-6

4. 1999 Autumn/Winter: GIPSY

Men models in yohji yamamoto's 1999AW collection called gipsy

5. Wool Gabardine Hakama Pants / Crow Pants